Tiny Pieces

OK - posting from micro.blog; should get to Mastodon via ActivityPub …

… and when I add the title in an edit, it turns the micro.blog timeline entry into a reference to the custom URL. OK …

Titles …

It seems I can only add a title to the post with a later edit, rather than on original post?


I realise I’m crossing the streams between online personæ here … so this experiment may or may not persist (either that or I’ll clean up the connections for consistency :) )


Furthering the experiment: from micro.blog to mstdn.io to Twitter?

Washington In Spring

This is an interesting experiment - will people pay a subscription for something like Twitter? And are there enough people who will to make it worthwhile/sustainable? It’s something I wish @twitter had explored before they screwed up the service with ads … #micro.blog

Trying out the new micro.blog Mac app … might see if I can drag a few people over here :)

First post at micro.blog … working it out